I Wept Last Night

Late afternoon, my dispatcher sent me to pick up a woman and said she needed to go to a clinic. It was to get an abortion.

I froze, paused, and prayed and said, “where is she?” I could have not taken the assignment but felt the need to do my job as a taxi driver with the task of being salt and light in this situation.

Once in my cab, with her goth like appearance and many facial piercings, I asked about her story and just listened. She said that it was her second visit to have an abortion. She felt she was not ready to have a baby right now. Even though she had a boyfriend, she just didn’t want to commit and have that responsibility right now in her life.

As we approached the house, there was a lady already at the door waiting for her as if she wanted to make this as comfortable and welcoming as possible for my customer.

That evening as I was driving my taxi home, I thought and reflected what had happened that afternoon. My mind and heart could not get past what she had done to herself and her baby. Trying to figure out my role and duty in all this. Confused and perplexed, I finally just broke down and wept.

God’s divine obsession with his own, his beloved, both woman and child, overcame me. I had an overwhelming presence that my Maker was weeping over me and with me, as we both cried out for his own, lost, loved ones.

May the God who offers the gift of forgiveness, healing, and hope restore you, hold you, and see you through, until we meet again.