Selfie With Gazzo

GazzoHere I am with Gazzo doing a selfie with him as I dropped him off at the Charlottesville airport. I wouldn’t have known him if it were not to ask almost all my customers the question, “What brings you to Charlottesville?” He said he performed with Kap Slap the night before. It just so happens my daughter was there that night to see and hear them play at the Jefferson Theatre. I couldn’t wait to text her the photo! You are wondering who is Gazzo. Michael Gazzo is a New Jersey native who began his career in 2011, he quickly established himself by remixing everything from The Temptations to Wolfgang Gartner and injecting them with a signature emotion-driven electro touch. He is poised to be one to watch in 2015. It is quite amazing through the transportation and taxi service I provide, the people you see and get to know. I don’t like my job, I love it!