Isn’t She Lovely

stevie&us.loresThis past Tuesday I had a surprise evening for my lovely wife. It happened quite unexpectedly. I received VIP tickets for both of us to go see and meet Stevie Wonder in concert.

I started out the day picking up a customer at the five star hotel and resort, Keswick Hall. I am one of their preferred transportation and taxi drivers. The customer needed for me to take her on a few errands around Charlottesville and be brought back to the hotel.

I noticed she was wearing a Stevie Wonder sweatshirt from his “Songs in the Key of Life Performance Tour.” I asked her, “What brings you to Charlottesville?” She said, “I am with a guest at the hotel.” I asked if she was going to the Stevie Wonder concert tonight. She said, “Yes, are you?” I immediately said, “No, I wish.”

She then began to share with me that the guest she was staying with was Stevie Wonder himself. She was his personal chef. My jaw dropped. I immediately went into I can’t believe it/WOW! mode. From that point on she quickly learned I was a big fan of his music and so was my wife, Betty. She’s probably an even bigger fan than I am.

selfiewonder.loresMy customer got on her phone and asked me who I would like to bring to the concert and also meet Mr. Wonder backstage. Overjoyed, I exclaimed “Are you kidding me!”

My wife couldn’t have been more surprised and blessed that evening to see Stevie Wonder, up close and personal (7th row from the front stage) .

It definitely is one of those life moments that started with a routine taxi ride and ended up being one of the best stories Betty and I will never forget.