“The Elvis Presley Band”

dmbA call came in mid afternoon wanting me to transport a band from one airport to another to get to their next gig in Detroit, Michigan. That band is the Dave Matthews Band. I jumped at the opportunity and was at the airport in about 10 minutes.

When they got in my taxi, I pretended as if I didn’t know them and asked them who they were. They almost simultaneously said they were the Elvis Presley Band as they laughed it off. I told them that I saw them in 1988 at Traxx night club in Charlottesville. They quickly corrected me and said that it most likely was in 1990 when the band starting playing in and around Charlottesville and beyond.

This selfie of Dave Matthews and I was taken as they were about to board a private jet flying off to Detroit to play. Thank you Dave for the opportunity to do a selfie with you and share this on my blog. Until next time…